Saturday, August 7, 2010

How to Keep Your Metabolism High

how to keep your metabolism highKeeping your metabolism running high all day long will cause you to burn lots of calories. There are ways to do it, and below I've put together some tips that I use for myself...

  1. First, remember that our bodies are constantly burning calories even though we may just be sitting or sleeping. A 150 pound person will burn about 2,000 calories a day doing mostly sitting and sleeping. A 200 pound person will burn about 2,900 calories, while a 300 pound person will burn about 4,000 calories.

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  2. Eat constantly. But eat low calorie foods. When your digestive system has food to process, it burns calories and keeps your metabolism running high. Focus on fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and fresh meats, to keep the calorie intake down, and eat only small portions.

    On the other hand, starving yourself will cause your body to lower its metabolism, and thereby burn fewer calories.

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  3. Do low impact exercises. It's better to walk for two hours than it is to lift heavy weights for 20 minutes. Anytime you exercise, even if its just low impact stuff, your metabolism increases. Therefore, the longer you exercise the longer your metabolism stays high. And even after you finish exercising, your metabolism continues to run high as you recouperate.

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  4. Take hot baths. From my personal experience, soaking in a tub of hot water causes your heart to beat faster, which in turn causes your metabolism to go up. As your body temperature goes up, the heart works harder to push blood to your sweat glands. The water doesn't have to be scalding hot, just hot enough to break a sweat and get your heart pumping. Soak in the tub for just 30 minutes, and read a book while you're at it.

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  5. Eat more meat. Beef is actually a great weight loss food because it takes much longer to digest than fruit, vegetables, and grains. The longer your body is digesting food, the longer your metabolism stays high. But eat only lean meats, and don't add any steak sauce because most steak sauces and BBQ sauces contain sugar. Use hot sauce, or steak seasoning instead.

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  6. Always eat breakfast. The very first thing you should do when wake up is eat something. It gets your digestive system working, and your metabolism running. Again, stay away from sugary cereals, sweetened oatmeal, or fruit juice. Instead, eat high fiber grains, fresh whole fruit, or eat a steak.

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  7. Stay cold. It may not be comfortable, but when your body temperature drops below normal, your body starts burning calories to generate heat. That means your metabolism is running high. All cold weather animals, like sea otters, polar bears, penguins, all have high running metabolisms to keep their bodies warm, but as a result they have to keep eating. Our bodies work the same way, and you can use cold temperature to your benefit.

  8. Get a full sleep. Sleeping actually burns lots of calories. A 150 pound person can burn about 500 calories in an eight hour sleep. A 300 pound person will burn double that. This is because sleep is when the body generates new cells and repairs damaged tissues. But make sure you get a full night's sleep to take advantage of it.

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Documentary said...

Very interent article, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Well layed out and straight to the point. Brilliant job!

Anonymous said...

wow, I hope there's more tips soon. I'll try that soon, but I've realised those have worked from my experience.

Dave said...

Love the info and very informative. Thanks and hope you keep up the good work.

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