Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lose Weight By Taking Hot Baths

A few months ago I posted a weight loss tip entitled, "Hot Baths Can Burn Extra Calories".

In that article I summarized that by soaking in a hot bath, your heart beats faster, and thereby you burn some extra calories. But at that time I tried to convey that it would only burn just a small amount, not a large amount.

I'm rethinking that now.

For example, yesterday I filled up the tub with hot water (not really hot, but just hot enough to my liking, about 100 degrees F), and soaked in it for 40 minutes. As my body temperature increased, my heart rate increased. Not too long after, I worked up a sweat.

After that, I cooled off by draining most of the water and refilling the tub with cold water. I then soaked in that for about 10 minutes.

I ended up losing 3 pounds that day!

Now, to lose three pounds in one day, I have to burn 10,500 calories (1 pound = 3,500 calories). On top of that, I consumed about 1,000 calories that day. And, I didn't really do any exercises aside from working on my motorcycle that afternoon.

Granted, I have a high metabolism to start off with.

But I think that soaking in a hot bath does more than just raise your heart rate. It must raise your metabolism somehow, and then keeps it running at a high rate for hours after that.

I also wonder if draining the hot water and immediately refilling it with cold water does anything too?

I don't want to suggest that you'll lose 3 pounds in one day by doing this. You may only lose 1 pound, or 1/4 of a pound. Who knows, each person is different.

But I'd like to encourage readers to test this out over a period of time and see if you find similar results, or can discover some patterns.


Anonymous said...

You are my favorite blogger because of posts like this. You are right to say that it takes burning 3500 calories to burn a pound. Using a calorie calculator ( I estimated how long someone would have to run to burn that: 12 hours at 7.5 miles per hour. In other words, 90 miles. To be clear, that would kill most people. But apparently soaking in a bath tub is more effective at burning calories than running 90 miles.

Most likely it was mostly water weight combined with other unobserved variations as opposed to you actually losing anywhere close to three pounds in one day. Everyone is different, but if you're human, then you're not that different.

Stay Healthy said...

lose weight by taking hot baths...seems interesting to me..thanks for sharing the article

Anonymous said...

Neat Theory... I just had a hot bath, was probably in there for less than half an hour, got out sweating, heart pounding. I didn't do the cold water thing though.
I ended up loosing 1 pound from before the bath.

Its probably all just water weight though from sweating.

Weight Loss said...

Yeah, that bath concept was superb, would like to try that,thanks for the awesome article!

Anonymous said...

Really cool i actually tried this and lost 3 pounds too.Thanks

Anonymous said...

The whole talk about burning 1 pound because you burnt off 3500 calories doesnt go for water weight.... You lost water weight... you did not lose any fat. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I tried this and it made my bum smell

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs. I lost 4 pounds in 3 days. Things arent impossible.

Anonymous said...

I lost 30 pounds doing this and it stayed off too! Yes, I would loose about 3 pounds, and gain about 2.5 pounds back the next day, but I kept repeating this and over and over for about 2 months. I think the fat blocking toxins were removed, and the cavities that help the water shrank over time from not being so over filled because of a high sodium diet... I feel great!

Anonymous said...

I plan on trying this technique, because I heard & saw a professional boxer do this, in order to lose weight hours before the weigh-in to qualify for the pending bout, & unbelievably it worked!!!

Morgan Reynolds said...

its water weight dude... your sweating. im a wrestler and I do this to lose water weight for wrestling all the time.

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