Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking a Shower Burns Calories

As ridiculous as it seems, taking a shower really does burn calories, and a decent amount of calories at that. It's actually a good, low impact, exercise.

If you're already at your optimum weight, you might not get much benefit from standing in a shower, but if you're overweight, you'll be surprised at how many calories you can burn taking a shower.

Here's how many calories are burned taking a shower...

  • A 150 pound person can burn about 75 calories in a 15 minute shower.

  • A 200 pound person can burn about 100 calories in a 15 minute shower.

  • A 250 pound person can burn about 120 calories in a 15 minute shower.

  • A 300 pound person can burn about 140 calories in a 15 minute shower.

The calories are doubled for a 30 minute shower.

The reason is because a shower requires standing, and because to wash your body you're having to move your arms and stretch yourself. All the while, the muscles in your legs are constantly flexing to maintain balance.

On top of that, the few minutes you spend drying yourself off with a towel is the same low impact exercise of standing, moving your arms, and stretching.

Tips to Burn Calories While Showering

Try taking three showers a day, and wash yourself each time. Depending on your weight, you could burn 300-500 calories a day just doing that alone.

If you find yourself at home with nothing to do, then take a shower. For one, it'll prevent you from resorting to food as a way to beat boredom, and two it will give you time to think about other activities you can do.

You can burn even more calories by setting the water temperature as low as you can tolerate. If you can lower your body temperature just a bit, it will increase its metabolism in an attempt to raise the temperature back up.

Always stand up in the shower, that's how you'll get the most exercise out of showering.

Don't sabotage those calories you burned off in the shower by eating more food. Your goal is to lose weight, not put more weight back on!


Brittni Collins said...

Wow. This is really good advice!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

uhm, hot showers make you feel hungry afterward, and wasting that amount of money on gas heater and throwing gallons of water down the drain is just irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'll take the calorie burns any way I can!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money and most importantly RESOURCES. Being so wasteful in other areas in your life should not replace being wasteful by eating when you're not even hungry. People really need to have common sense. You can burn calories doing things you actually need to get done. Make a list of chores/errands and do them. And if you have none left go for a walk. It's good for you and hurts no one (long-term or short).

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